Grabado I

Grabado 1 is from Fernando Zóbel’s Saeta series. These early paintings marked a significant shift towards abstraction in Zóbel’s practice, as well as in Southeast Asia. Here, lines of paint splay out in numerous directions against a field of colour, filling the canvas from end to end. Bold and deep in some areas, timid and tentative in others, they suggest rapid movement and different rhythms. The series, inspired by construction scaffolding for rising buildings around Manila, has been described as “pure linear architecture” by art critic Rod Paras-Perez. Zóbel played a key role in the development of post-war modern art in the Philippines as an artist, art collector, and teacher. He maintained close friendships with major painters of that period such as Hernando Ocampo, Arturo Luz and Lee Aguinaldo, as well as the architect, Leandro V. Locsin.

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