New Additions to the Inventory - Linden-Museum in Stuttgart

Working with Dr. Georg Noack, head of the South and Southeast Asia department at the Linden-Museum, the Mapping site has been able to add 99 items from a total of 316 items in the Linden Museum's Philippine Collection. Aware of the Collection's colonial roots and "outdated, inappropriate (discriminatory) terms such as “Igorots” or “Negritos,”  Dr Noack has given MPMC permission to use the data for the 99 items only as the Linden museum continues to work with the original catalog records and to slowly rewrite object descriptions of the remaining items in the Philippine collection. The previous research done by Prof. Dr. Leah Enkiwe Abayao along with Dr Noack and the Linden Museum team on the provenance, the collectors and paths the Philippine objects took as well as the object descriptions for the first 99 published items has been a valuable step towards eventually completing the re-writing and provenance research of the entire Philippine inventory. 

Visit the online collection here >>>>

Aside from the additions to the inventory, Humboldt University Berlin's Institute for Asian and African Studies Author Talks, and the Mapping Site's Research team in Germany, invited  Dr. Coo to share the research methodology, process and inspiration behind her work on the Philippine Collection at the Linden Museum in Stuttgart.  The Author Talk will be held on December 7, 2021 10-12 AM CEST.

Full details and a online zoom link may be found here:

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