New Additions to the Inventory - Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt Germany

Working with a group of research assistants, artists, and fellows from the Mapping Project's Germany cohort (i.e. Lizza May David, Jasmine Grace Wenzel, Dr. Rosa Cordillera Castillo, and Yanni R. Hernandez) along with Vanessa von Gliszczynski (curator of the Southeast Asia Department) and Oliver Hahn (Research Assistant for Oceania and Southeast Asia) from the Weltkulturen Museum, data for the Philippine collection at the Museum was added to the inventory in November 2021.

Like the RJM Museum in Cologne, this new addition to the inventory is significant as the Weltkulturen Museum does not currently have all of its Philippine objects in its digital collection. The MPMC site is currently the only online public access point to these objects. We hope to continue the collaboration with the museum through object description workshops and artist collaborations.

Visit the Weltkulturen Museum's Philippine Collection here.

More details about the workshop here. The first batch of 25 fellows have been announced. We are accepting applications for future workshops.

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