In Conversation

In Conversation documents a series of co-curated interactions between digital objects and culture-bearers, scholars, curators, activists, artists as well as with descendants of the Philippine ethno-linguistic groups from which the holdings originate.

The Mapping Philippine Material Culture project is committed to an interdisciplinary decolonial exploration of the items in its aggregated global inventory and so seeks to create a steady stream of avenues for dialogue, knowledge exchange, co-curation and digital repatriation. Its aggregating and indexing mission while seeking to discover and disclose these dispersed objects, also seeks to make this baseline research available for annotation, intervention and interaction.

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The Head of St. Francis

Collaborative Transcriptions

Digital Repatriation, Textiles and the Cordilleras

Transcribing a Philippine script on bamboo

Object Description Workshops

Muna Kalyak Blaan: Reconnecting Cultural Identity through Cultural Materials

Notes from the Field: A Blaan Kastulen and the Archive as a Site of Engagement

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