Ivory Sculpture ( Sto. Niño)

Naked baby Jesus, whose arms are missing. Anatomical modeling is very simple. It conserves the ivory stems destined to support the arms. His eyelids are very bulging and there are no marks on his pupils. The nose, flattened, is finished in very fleshy fins. The hair frames the face with curvy curls.

Additional Analysis: It is a colonial ivory, Hispanic-Filipino, as can be deduced from the thick eyelids. It derives from a Spanish model by Martínez Montañés, although it imitates Portuguese-Indian models.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: It is very similar to some pieces that appear in the book by FÉRRAO DE TAVARES, B., Oriental-Portuguese Imaginery, Lisbon 1983, p. 71.

Cataloging Estella Marcos, Margarita Mercedes; Simal Lopez, Mercedes

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