Ivory Relief of Mary Magdalen

High quality glossy white ivory plaque, missing a fragment, decorated with the relief of Mary Magdalene. The saint, represented half-length with a solid halo and long hair, is dressed in a mantle on the left shoulder that she gathers with a short and well-modeled right hand, revealing the bust. With very narrow features, her long hair, worked in threads, falls in front, concealing her nudity. She is seated at a table on which there is a book, a skull and the disciplines, and a jug is represented on another table to her left. The plate presents two inscriptions in Latin in capital and syncopated letters, the lower one with the name of the Saint, and the upper one, incomplete due to the lack of a fragment of the plate, alluding to her dedication to penance.

Iconography Penitent Mary Magdalene
Inscriptions / Legends Lower part of the frame
, Capitales
Top frame, Capitals

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Map    National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid