17th c Spanish Cannon ( San Lorenzo)

Cannon mounted on a four wheeled carriage with the following inscription: "This gun is believed to have been taken at Manilla by Draper in the year 1762 AD" According to HD Love this is one of two cannons taken from Manila that used to flank the escudo de armas and plaque installed at the Artillery Park inside Fort St  George in 1776. (1) The English inscription probably  dates back to the time the plaque for the Escudo de Armas was made.

See this for more details: https://philippinestudies.uk/mapping/items/show/29342

According to Museum records, this cannon was named San Lorenzo ( as inscribed on the muzzle)  and is a few inches shorter than its counterpart cannon San Pedro. It is stored towards the back of entrance of the Museum and is not as well preserved as the San Lorenzo.


A visual inspection of the canon in April 2023 by Cristina Juan showed that the canon has the coat of arms of Spain and another smaller and older inscription in Spanish that gives a clue regarding the canon's provenience.The very faded text seems to indicate that the canon was cast in 1604 at "Chapulrepeque," by order of Don Juan of Mendoza and Luna, Marquess of Montesclaros."

(1) (see pp n630 from Love, H. D. , Vestiges of Old Madras Volume 2 (1996)

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