Bronze Plaque for Escudo de Armas (Coat of Arms)

A low relief plaque made of bronze and fixed to the  wall below the Escudo de Armas at the Government Museum in Madras.

The bronze plaque was produced in Madras and used to commemorate the "success of The British Arms" against Spain in the British invasion of Manila and Cavite in 1762.  

The letters inscribed on the plaque reads:

Britannia Victrix

These emperial trophies of the success of the British
Arms at Manilha are erected by an order of Council
in honor of the bravery of the land and sea forces on that
Expedition under the command of Brig(r) General Draper
and Rear Admiral Cornish
Manilha taken by storm October VI (th)  MDCCLXII

(October 6th 1762)

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Map    The Government Museum, Chennai