Human hair

Specimen of human hair in wood and glass frame. [El.B 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 24/1/2006]. On 11 July 2003 a small sample from this specimen was provided to Phillip Endicott of Magdalen College, Oxford. It was one of a number of samples provided as part of a project headed by Alan Cooper of the Oxford Biomolecules Centre, and funded by a grant from the NERC, to assess their potential for ancient DNA research. For further information, see 'Report on the Feasibility of Using Human Hair from the Pitt Rivers Collection for DNA Research', by Phillip Endicott, dated 29 July 2016. This specimen is one of those from which DNA has not been extracted and is accordingly listed in 'Tabe 2: Remaining Hair Samples without Extract Numbers' on pages 12-13 of Endicott's report. (For a copy of the report and related correspondence, see RDF: Researchers: Endicott). [JC 24 8 2016]. Field Collector: Henry Nottidge Moseley, ?HMS Challenger. When Collected: 1872 - 1876 ?. Other Owners: Henry Nottidge Moseley. PRM Source: Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Acquired: Transferred 1886. Related item: 1887.1.671. Number: 1887.1.663

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