Wooden clogs

Wth a stamped leather upper formed of two side pieces joined along the toe with thong but open at the squared off toe end. A narrow black strip of leather is nailed on right round the edge and over the brown upper. The soles are shaped long and narrow, under the instep is a deep hollow and another from it scooping out under the toe slightly which is curved off up to its end. Processes: Carved / Stamped / Nailed / ?. Collected by John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear HMS Flying Fish. When Collected: 1885 Other Owners: John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear Julia Maclear PRM. Source: Julia Maclear. Acquired: Donated September 1909. Number 1909.30.98 .1 - 2 Research notes: Maclear was serving on HMS Flying Fish between 1883 and 1887 [AP 2/2/2001]

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