BAKÈ or BEEN - Blaan Basket and Lid

Annotated text (Blaan Kastulen June, 2022)


Used for keeping cloth. There is a coconut shell ( TYUL) at the bottom. Note: This is now known as BEEN.
Made of  SLUAN or NITO.

Original Text

(From reference card of the Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129423) 

BAKEKE (or BAKOG from Field Museum online DB). 

Cylindrical basket of fine weave  with cover. Four strengthening pieces on sides. Cord carryiing band used by women for carrying cloths etc.

Note: Basket starts from cocoanut shell disk. Fine piece of work.

Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129423

(Note: all instances of either B'laan, Bilaan or Bila-an in the Mapping Database have been changed to Blaan after specific requests from the Blaan of Sarangani Province June 2022. This would differ from the terminology in the original record, which is considered derogatory by the Blaan.)

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