Name: Saya- Woman's skirt. Upper part made of chinese cloth. Broad red strip along bottom is elaborately embroidered in figures of men, women, etc. Lace attached. "See decorative art". | Notes: (see note on back of card 128026) Both men and women are fond of gaily colored garments. A few still make use of native fabrics but the greater part of the cloth, used for clothing, is secured in trade with the Chinese of the coast. Various colors are employed in a single garment - red, blue, and white being the favorite colors. These are worked together either in patchwork or embroidery, so as to make realistic or conventional designs, each with its definite name. The women wear little jackets, even when at work, and over these they often throw shoulder cloths similar to the head coverings of the men.; Field Museum Catalogue Number: 128162

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