SIGI - Blaan Brush for cleaning teeth

Annotated text (Blaan Kastulen June, 2022)

Confirmed as SIGI - Used to clean teeth by way of brushing. Made from boar’s hair. The upper part of the hair is bound together with a cloth. The holder is decorated with beads through an abaca thread and is decorated with bells and tassels cloth.

Original Text

(From reference card of the Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129537) 

Name: Sīgī:- A toothbrush made of boar's bristles the upper parts of which are enclosed in a cloth holder. This holder is beaded and also has 6 bells attached. Colored tassles are attached to the holder. |

Notes: Used to remove particles of betel nut from the teeth. Also an ornament.

Fieldwork number: 1666; Other names: sigi;

Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129537

(Note: all instances of either B'laan, Bilaan or Bila-an in the Mapping Database have been changed to Blaan after specific requests from the Blaan of Sarangani Province June 2022. This would differ from the terminology in the original record, which is considered derogatory by the Blaan.)

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