Knife with sheath (Hangap)

L. blade: 33.2 cm; Handle: 14cm; with one-sided wooden scabbard. The iron blade with a straight back and a curved edge is thorn in the wooden handle and secured with an iron ring. A twill weave rattan weave runs around the middle of the wooden handle. The scabbard consists of a flat, rectangular wooden board, the lower end of which ends in a triple curve, and at the upper end of which there is a notch in the middle as a seat for the iron ring on the handle of the blade. In the middle of the lower scabbard board, a 4cm wide board with a braided rattan ring is tied up to hold the knife. The knife is tied around the wearer's waist with a braided rattan cord, which is attached to the sheath board with two rattan eyelets.

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