Pañuelo (Kerchief)

Yellowish fabric. In the center embroidered cartouche decorated with plant motifs and initials embroidered with red silk thread. Around vegetal border, where the same motif is repeated; another smaller motif is added in the corners. Finished with wavy scallop sttich (punto de feston) and a reinforcing stitch on the hem.

Openwork flower with lobed profile and three entrances, stem and leaves openwork or satin stitch (bordadas al pasado) In the corners, a bouquet of three openwork flowers or fruits with a pineapple motif, curled leaves and elongated leaves.

Inscriptions : In the center, there is a JAMM cartouche

Related Objects in the Inventory: Inventory numbers 21376, 21378-21382 and 21385 are "nipis", vegetable fiber scarves from the Philippines.

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