Wooden Ladle

Reisezubehör; für Speisen. RJM 55528

With figural handle; artfully crafted spoon made of medium brown wood. The handle is carved with a standing figure with a finely worked face. The hands rest on the thighs, a sickle-shaped head attachment adorns the figure looking towards the spoon bowl. Rubbing with duck fat and soot resulted in the smooth, blackish, shiny surface of the spoon. These Ifugao spoons were kept in special baskets and carried in their hip pockets by the men on the way. In addition to their conventional use for water, wine and soups, they could have been used to remove solid foods from a common container. They are treated very carefully. The spoon motifs present the spectrum of Ifugao life. Standing figures sometimes correspond to ancestral figures or deities, but the spoons do not play a direct role in rituals. They are passed on as heirlooms. ( form RJM Catalog)

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