Tea Drinkers

Anita Magsaysay-Ho was born in the Philippines in 1914. She was known as the only woman to be admitted to the pantheon of the Thirteen Moderns. After attending the University of Philippines School of Fine Arts, in the School of Design, she studied under the guidance of Victorio Edades. She continued her studies at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield, Michigan and under Zoltan Sepeshy she specialised in egg tempera painting.

In New York, Magsaysay-Ho's works especially from the 1940s, depict images of the countryside with scenes of women at work bathed in sunlight and at one time was labeled the ""Female Amorsolo"". In the late 1950s her work showed a distinctly modernist sensibility with the subjects more graphically and geometrically treated.

Ginger Tea underlines the artist's understanding of the joy of sharing. The colours are cheerful and the brushstrokes expressive. This painting's portrayal of camaraderie after a hard day's work with two women enjoying a bowl of tea is intimate and yet universal. Their facial expressions in their moment of private joy transcends the mundane."

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