Letter from Jose Rizal

Letter about some items he had.
Transcription from German:

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Pr. 6/7. 88 London, July 3, 1888
[Second and third sentences are unreadable - translator] 6. N. 568/88
9/7.88 [signature?]

Dear Doctor Bastian!
Doctor Wilhelm Voest has written to me and asked whether the box you have there can be
opened. I have nothing to say against it; certainly, I sent the box to the museum, and if I sent
it to Doctor Jagor and not to you, it is because Doctor Jagor was the one who first told me
about it. I apologize for that.

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[There are only two German translations from the list - trans.]

The box contains:
1 Camisa de Piña para hombre
1 Velo de Mujer (Lambong)
1 Pañuelo de nipis de mujer
1 Camisa de husi de mujer
1 Saya de husi de mujer
1 Kalikut
1 Pang-ani
1 Patadion de Mindanao
1 Bakus ó cordon de mujer
1 Camisa de de mujer (Tree bark)
1 Bauda para llevar al niño
1 Cinuron
1 Camisa de hombre
1 Calson
1 Camisa
1 Salakot de plata y Asta (This belongs to me)
1 Pañuelo
1 Cuerda para atar el gallo
1 tapis de seda de los tagalog
1 cepillos de dientes hechos de cortega (arca buyo)

Page 3

Suplakan (Tool) Tagal
Made of Buffalo Horn.
The compressed air ignites the fire in the A. Ierea is placed in B. Apply a smoky puff in C and
pull it out immediately. The fire will sparkle in B. In D one puts Ierea for a long journey.
When I return to Berlin, I will demonstrate it to you.
My best wishes to you respectfully.
Yours faithfully,

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