Backstrap Loom; Textile

A backstrap loom with a partially woven cloth. It consists of a flat warp beam which has rounded edges on one side and a cut away section on the opposite side. (Is this in fact the sword?) The warp spacer is made from a single piece of wood, and has sections cut out to make notches. The heddle rod has small grooves towards each edge, perhaps to prevent the warp from slipping off. The heddle leashes are made of a natural coloured bast fibre. A dried leaf (?) is used as the breast beam. The warp faced cloth is predominantly brown stripes, with some narrow green and yellow stripes. The shuttle (made of cane ?) is full of dark brown bast fibre. The backstrap is made of basketry. It is curved and has two loops at each end. The back of the strap is coated with a pigment (?). [Textile]

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