Single-edged blade knife

Knife [.1] with single edged blade and brass and wood hilt with detatched brass decoration [.3] with highly decorated sheath [.2]. The blunt edge of the tip of the blade as a small curved projection. The brass crossguard and grip are decorated with incised geometric patterns. The remainder of the hilt is carved and made of wood, with a decorative brass projection on the butt with a bell on it. The hilt had a brass quillon or langet, but this has broken off in antiquity. The wooden hilt has a row of six small holes, attached to these are two bells on loops (It is probable that originally there were six). A plaited yarn loop with bead and hair tassels with bells on is looped around the hilt. The sheath is made from two pieces of wood and is elaborately decorated along its length. The upper half and carrying belt are decorated with textiles, beads and small tassels. The lower half has been carved on the front and overlaid with brass sheet that has been pushed into the carving to show the geometric patterns in relief. The brass sheet is nailed into the back of the sheath and riveted on to the front. The sheath forks at the tip and has two ?cast brass decorations, each with a pair of 'antler' shaped projections. These are also decorated with incised lines. Beneath the bead decoration on the upper half, the sheath is bound with cane and red dyed textile. [SM 01/06/2007]

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