Model of Vinta Boat

Hull built from a single hollowed-out trunk and enhanced with falcas (or cradles); it is very narrow and makes use of two thick outriggers to maintain its balance. On the gunwale, it carries some very open forks with the branches pointing upwards that support on both sides some falcas or long bamboo hangers where the oars, spears, ammunition and bucklers used by the Moors in their combats are placed.

Restored by Juan San Martín Vilas at the end of 1994.
Interesting model that represents a type of construction that has been carried out from 2000 years ago, according to Horridge GA, in the southern islands of the Philippines. It was made by indigenous peoples of the area , using a single piece of wood.

Spanish version:
Casco construido de un solo tronco ahuecado y realzado con falcas; es muy estrecho y hace uso de dos gruesas batangas para mantener el equilibrio. Sobre la borda lleva unas horquillas muy abiertas con las ramas hacia arriba que sostienen por ambas bandas unas falcas o largas perchas de bambú en donde se colocan los remos, lanzas, pertrechos y rodelas de que se sirven los moros en sus combates.

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