Annotated text (Blaan Kastulen June, 2022)

Used to play music by beating one left hand and a piece of bamboo stick to produce the desired sound for certain special occasions in the community such wedding ceremony or the like.Selected men and women will do the dance with music. Drum is made of deer skin.

Kindal i Slarang’ is a process of making the skin of the deer  into a drum. Kulit i slarang, literally means, the skin of the deer.

The drum is a carved wood from either ‘dlong’ or ‘balnabò’. It is tied with a piece of rattan to easily hold the drum.

Original Text

(From reference card of the Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129532) 


Name: Tagoñ-goñ: A small drum made from a small tree hollowed out. Ends covered with deer skin which is held with rattan bands and wooden plugs. 

Notes: Beaten with the left hand and a small bamboo stick to furnish music for certain dances.

Fieldwork number: 1820; Other names: Tagoñ-goñ;

Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129532

(Note: all instances of either B'laan, Bilaan or Bila-an in the Mapping Database have been changed to Blaan after specific requests from the Blaan of Sarangani Province June 2022. This would differ from the terminology in the original record, which is considered derogatory by the Blaan.)

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