Name: Soat- Woman's carved wooden comb. Decorated with beads and a top fringe of red and yellow yarn. Yarn tassels attached. Worn in back of head. Tassels fall in front of ears.; Full Description: Sinangkad: The Sinangkad is a hair ornament used to tuck a lady's long hair into a bun. Tucking one's hair is obligatory especially among married women. Anyone who refuses to do this is disrespectful and is considered a curse to her husband. She needs to be subjected to sala, a ceremony undertaken to make amends of one's offenses. This sinangkad is made up of carved wood decorated with red threads, a symbol of courage. The arching design signifies that the lady who wears this sinangkad is making progress in terms of gaining wisdom but is not yet a baylan (spiritual seer or medium). The pair of pinulikay dangling at the sides serves as extenders for short-haired women. [p.12-13] Fieldwork number: 344; Other names: soat,Sinangkad; Field Museum Catalogue Number: 128095

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