Architectural model

Inventory number: SA 37045 ah
Complete replica of an Ifugao house, style from central Ifugao. Wooden structure with a thatched roof made up of cogon grass. All of the main parts can be detached and assembled like a real Ifugao house. The tuod or tukod piles show that the house was built using tree trunks with the roots cut off as a stable base. This model also shows the thick lidi discs that were placed on the top of all four stakes, mainly preventing rats from entering the house. The front of the house shows a small carved head (with horn) of a buffalo. The model also includes a miniature mortar and pestle carved from wood, which is an important item in Ifugao homes. A five-piece set of miniature objects (mumbaki ritual priest, rice wine jug, ritual box, pig, rice wine bowl) is also included. This set represents a ritual act of the Ifugao. Rituals are often performed inside and outside of the Ifugao houses. Text: Prof. Dr. Leah E. Abayao, Cordillera Studies Center, UP Baguio, The Philippines. Collection: Roll; 3089

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