Knife with scabbard (Uwa di mumbaki)

Cutting edge: 13cm; L. handle: 10cm; one-sided wooden scabbard. Handle and blade made from one piece of iron. The blade has a straight back and a curved edge that is sharpened on both sides, the handle is bent like a spout and is decorated with two braided rattan rings at the top and bottom. The scabbard consists of a flat, rectangular wooden board, the lower end of which is pointed like a roof and in which a recess in the shape of the edge and the first third of the handle is carved. The knife lies in this recess and is held on the cutting board by means of a small wooden board with a crescent-shaped notch in the middle above and below, which is fixed by a braided rattan ring. Using a hanging loop made of rattan, which is pulled through the upper half of the lower cutting board and knotted, the knife and scabbard are tied horizontally around the wearer's waist.

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