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On the Purpose of Ethnographic Museums in Diverse Cities

Lenny Bugayong represents studiyo filipino at the VMZ between Today and Tomorrow Symposium. Photo courtesy of Bettina Wirz. by Lenny Bugayong and Patrick Wirz On 30 November 2023, studiyo filipino was invited to give a guest commentary during a podium discussion held at the Ethnographic Museum Zürich (VMZ) entitled “VMZ zwischen heute und morgen” (engl. “VMZ between today and tomorrow”). The museum had been faced with challenging questions a few months prior when they set out to find a new … Read More

New Collection: Museo Naval (Madrid)

An exciting new addition to the Mapping Project! We begin with just 15 objects from the Museo Naval, but we are hoping that this initial sharing of visual data will continue into the future. Currently, the Museo Naval does not have an online collection, and so this collaboration to add choice pieces from the Museo Naval's highly significant Philippine collection will be the first time these objects will be accessible on an online database. (Some online presence forgeneral information can be … Read More

New Additions to the Inventory - The National Gallery of Singapore

Detail from España y Filipinas (Spain and the Philippines) by Juan Luna.Image courtesy of National Heritage Board, Singapore. We are excited to introduce the Mapping Project's first ex-patria inventory addition from a collection based in Asia. After a brief visit to the National Gallery of Singapore on the 1st of December 2022, a standing agreement with the Gallery quickly became real-time mapping within a few weeks. This is also the first time that the inventory addition is wholly … Read More

Notes from the Field: A Blaan Kastulen and the Archive as a Site of Engagement

Bai Deborah M. Ganton,Bai Andrea “Diya” Martin Lawa, and Bai Estelita Tumandan Bantilan, the Gawad ng Manlilikha ng Bayan examine the photos of Blaan material culture. General Santos City, June 26 2022. by Cristina Juan and Maribeth Farnazo Background When Philippine Studies at SOAS launched the Mapping Project in January 2021, we always knew that all we had was baseline data (still incomplete and growing). Conceptually, the Mapping site was to begin as a global inventory of pre-1960 … Read More

New Feature: What’s on View

Working with feedback from people who want to know where to find exiled Philippine objects that can be viewed on the spot, the MPMC developers have added some new features to track Philippine objects on permanent display. We implemented a variable in the metadata that allows a user to pick a place/city and determine which items in the inventory are on display. We will also be creating digital exhibits to feature various places /cities or institutions that have items on permanent display that … Read More

New Additions to the Inventory - RISD, Rhode Island

Working closely with Noel Jordan Racca, a freelance writer and multi-media artist based in the Philippines, the newest addition to the project is a small but significant Philippine collection at the RISD Art Museum. Like the Frankfurt Museum, this new addition to the inventory is significant as the RISD does not have all of its Philippine objects online. We are seeking to add more information to the RISD -AMNH objects by collating the original data with the current catalog information. We also … Read More

New Additions to the Inventory - Linden-Museum in Stuttgart

Working with Dr. Georg Noack, head of the South and Southeast Asia department at the Linden-Museum, the Mapping site has been able to add 99 items from a total of 316 items in the Linden Museum's Philippine Collection. Aware of the Collection's colonial roots and "outdated, inappropriate (discriminatory) terms such as “Igorots” or “Negritos,” Dr Noack has given MPMC permission to use the data for the 99 items only as the Linden museum continues to work with the original catalog records and to … Read More

New Additions to the Inventory - Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt Germany

Artfully woven hat woven in multiple layers from materials like leaf fibres, rattan, cotton. Colleceted by August Möckel on Luzon in 1881/1882. Purchased from Martha Gremm in 1932. Collection: Weltkulturen Museum, Frankfurt am Main< Working with a group of research assistants, artists, and fellows from the Mapping Project's Germany cohort (i.e. Lizza May David, Jasmine Grace Wenzel, Dr. Rosa Cordillera Castillo, and Yanni R. Hernandez) along with Vanessa von Gliszczynski (curator of the … Read More

Transcribing Tagbanwa

Bamboo vessel. © Photo: Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum – Cultures of the World, Cologne CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 On October 26, 2021, MPMC, in collaboration with the RJM Museum of Cologne, met together with a group of Tagbanwa scholars and cultural originators for an online interactive workshop in interpreting Tagbanwa inscriptions on a 1906 bamboo vessel stored at the RJM Museum in Germany. The Transcription/translation workshop, moderated by Myfel Paluga, articulated three important points. A. … Read More

New Additions to the Inventory - RJM Cologne Germany

Working closely with Sonja Mohr , the RJM’s curator for Insular South East Asia, the research team at the Mapping Philippine Material Culture (MPMC) project added the inventory of RJM's Philippine collection to the database, and made it accessible to the public from the first of October 2021. Sandals. © Photo: Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum – Cultures of the World, Cologne CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Visit the collection » With the exception of objects created after the 1950’s, and some culturally … Read More

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