Malong a Landap (Tubular garment)

Muslim Mindanao's prince's malong/landap or robe.

London Co-curation workshop (November 12, 2023)
Some were not sure it was pure silk but many agreed that yellow was a special colour, indicates "royalty". Images are based on flora - in an "Okir" design (only in the Minadanao area in the Philippines). Represents waves, flowers and leaves, as Islam forbids the depiction of persons. But some animals and lizards are okay. However, lizards and animals are not seen as dieties - so it is not usually included in the textiles.

One can "wear" the Malong or 'walk " the Malong sometimes called "kini-kini"

This malong can be used for both men and women,
For men, it is called "sanaya" and can be used as blankets for bedtime or as prayer mats.
For women, it is called"gita" and is used for general purposes.

Dekat - can be adjusted easily for use.
Many believed that this malong was incredibly rare.

In older times, ordinary peoele can't wear yellow, but the current generations can now wear yellow.

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