Man's Saroar, Trousers

Maroon, natural and black/brown stripes. Part legs decorated band called "tutuc". Blue and white cotton, red, blue and yellow embroidery (called "panay") wihte beads. Sleeve for a drawstring called "Lubu" (ordinawat not present on this trouser). 

L.W.B note (from accessior envelope 1910-2)/Field Notes: "The trousers worn by men and body, called Saroar, one short, some barely reaching the knee, others stopping halfway down to the knee. They are woven of hemp or imported cotton and the bottom of the legs bordened with bands of embroidery and beading, very heavy and wide for dress occasions."

(From card catalogue notes by Laura Watson Benedict(1861–1932) and Lisa Whitall (1926-2019))

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