Belt (Ifugao)

Belt strips of fabric studded with conical rings. According to their size, 27 conical rings are "sewn" onto a dark blue-red strip of local fabric with a red, plaited woolen cord. At one end of the belt the largest ring has a diameter of 5 cm, the smallest one has a diameter of 2.5 cm; On this side, the end of the fabric strip is tightly wrapped with red wool threads, which are knotted at the end and run out as fringes. According to Vanoverbergh, these ginuttu are created on special occasions. They are worn tightly around the waist, and the end with the shrinking conical rings hangs over the wearer's right or left leg to about the knee (Vanoverbergh 1929: 207f. Fig. 5,6). van Vanoverbergh's stay in the field, instead of the red wool thread of the present piece, a red colored rattan stripe was used.

Lit .: Vanoverbergh, M .: Dress and Adornment in the Mountain Province of Luzon, Phil.Islands. In: Publ. Of the Cath. Anthrop. Conference, Vol.1, No.5 1929

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