Bulul, Rice Deity Figure, 20Th Century.

Figur, 20. Jh. RJM 55530

The rice deity bulul is a roughly carved figure standing on a pedestal (rice mortar) with a blue and white striped loincloth, the hands are on the bent knees, large protruding ears with holes in which rice straw are tied, and protruding nipples characterize the deity; a helmet-like headgear tapering at the neck adorns the figure. The gender is not clearly recognizable, no sacrificial patina. Standing or sitting anthropomorphic bulul figures with different arm positions were carved in pairs (male / female, not always clearly recognizable) from holy wood (mostly Pterocarpus indicus) and ritually animated on behalf of wealthy rice farmers by carvers with priest status. Set up in rice granaries or under the roofs of the houses, they protect the rice stocks from thieves and vermin and ensure the well-being and survival of the relatives. On the occasion of the rice harvest (twice a year) they are brought to the fields. ( from RJM catalog)

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