This blanket from the rancheria Otucan is a unique specimen, asserts Schadenberg. Its exceptional extension was reached by assembling six lengths of cloth. The centerpiece of the blanket consists of four white panels with dark-blue warp stripes on the borders and weft-float pattern at the end of the panels. These are framed by two dark-blue panels, with red and blue warp stripes and white and blue stripes in a decorative warp technique. A narrow lace with interwoven tassels extends along the short sides of the blanket and also reaches parts of the long sides near the corners. Kron-Steinhardt mentions blankets from a weaving center in the East, which are sought after far beyond the boundaries of Lepanto (1991: 55). She also presents a similar blanket from the neighboring Nabaloi (Ibaloi) (see here) and two from the Bontok (see here, and here). She suggests that some Bontok women in the western settlements had been learning from the Kankanay women (504). (Ursula Brandl-Straka 2009:77)

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