Tooth Adornment With Case

Schadenberg noted about these two pieces in his collection register: "A small bejuco case, containing a metallic panel which Igorotten women wear as an adornment in the mouth to cover the teeth. The rich have a gold panel, the poorer use brass or bronze. Rancheria Cabayan, Bengued."' Complementing this information, Worcester wrote in his 1906 opus: "[ ... ] Some women of Kabayan have thin bands of solid beaten gold which are worn between their lips and front teeth, completely closing their mouths. These gold bands are no longer made, the ones which exist having been handed down by the ancestors of the present generation" (1906: 821). This particular tooth adornment consists of a strip of brass sheet metal. The small case for safe-keeping is woven from split rattan in diagonal netting and twill weave; it features a slip-over cover and is fastened with a two dimensional plaited rattan ring (approximately 1.5 cm wide). (Ursula Brandl-Straka 2009: 33)

1 German original: "Ein Bejucotaschchen darin eine Metallplatte welche zum Schmuck von den Igororinnen im Mund gerragen wird, so dass selbe die Zahne verdeckt. Die Reichen haben die Platte aus Gold, die Armeren aus Messing oder Bronze. Rancherie Cabayan, Bengued (Schadenberg, register, collector file, MVW archives).

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