Brass Neck Adornment

This brass neck adornment was not only decorative but also had a body care function: two objects, tied with brass wire to an approximately 52 cm long chain, served, according to :he collector, as "ear spoons" (8 cm long) and tweezers (5 cm long) for pulling facial and body hair (also see Worcester 1906: 846) It was worn by men and originates from the rancheria Kabayan. The surface of ear spoons and tweezers was punched with ornaments. The chain was made in "squared loop-in-loop-technique," also called kwatro kantos (squared pattern). Villegas (1983: 74, 169) discussed this as a "weaving" -technique which integrates fine metallic wires into a "woven" thread, similar to "bejuquilo" (bejuco) rattan threads. Copper from mines north of Benguet was also used to produce such items (Worcester 1906: 848). (Ursula Brandl-Straka 2009: 33)

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