Loom; Textile; Skirt

Backstrap loom made of bamboo and wood, with incomplete wool (?) yarn textile (woman's skirt) attached. The lomm comprises parts (a) upper end bar; (b) cross-piece; (c), (d), (e) three warp sticks; (f) tenter hook; (g) and (h) two halves of lower end bar; (i) bobbin (with attached yarn); (j) weaving sword; (k.i and ii) two heddle cords; (l.i and ii) two heddle sticks; (m) and (n) two shed rolls; (o) back board; (p) back strap; (q) cross-stick; (r) warp threads of textile; (s) weft threads of textile. 20thC (early)
Curators comments:
Register says: HALABLAN "complete backstrap loom with partly finished women's skirt". a) SAKBAYAN b) PANARA c,d,e) SIPSIPAN f) BUKUG g,h) ?ATIP i) BUSALI ? j) SUDU ? k) KUGHAN l) KUGHANAN m) LIBU(?)AN n) LIBU(?)AN BITLAG o) PANDAYU BULI ? p) GIKUS q) BUDBUDAN r) TINDUG s) PUGAWA; Part (q) not found in 1991; may have been missing when acquired - queried in Register.
Department: Asia

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