Hat (Clothing: Headwear)

Conical hat, salakot, of basketry, with chain. The hat is formed of a double layer of basketry, with plain basket weave on the underside. The patterning is formed by supplementary strips of three or four narrow splits in contrasting colours running over each strand of the lower layer The dark fibres are probably nitu' (Lygondium japonicum) a kind of climbing fern, the pale ones probably from the midrib of the buri (Corypha elata), a kind of palm. The element at the top of the hat is hexagonal, again in two colours, as is the rim, which has a different more complex weave forming a path of regular motifs around the circumference. The underside has a circular ring of basketry which lifts the side of the hat above the wearer's head. This is formed of concentric rings connected by narrow splits which loop around each circular band or ring. From this a chain of plaited rings hangs, attached to the support structure at each side. Soe rings are of dark material, some light. | Igorot

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