Large spoon

Large spoon: shaped wooden handle nailed to a bowl of carved coconut shell. Processes: Carved / Nailed / Perforated / Incised / ?. [EC 'DCF 2004-2006 What's Upstairs?' 8/3/2006]. John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear HMS Flying Fish When Collected: 1885. Other Owners: John Fiot Lee Pearse Maclear, Julia Maclear PRM. Source: Julia Maclear. Acquired: Donated September 1909. Number: 1909.30.95. Research notes: 3 spoons are entries [1909.30.95 - 97]. [CF 7/1/2000] Maclear was serving on HMS Flying Fish between 1883 and 1887 [AP 2/2/2001]

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