Klung - Man's Blaan Wooden Shield

Annotated text (Blaan Kastulen June, 2022)

Verified as KLUNG, Used as man’s wooden shield to
deflect the arrows and spear from an attack by an enemy. Has a relationship to the man who protects the community as seen in ‘Fulung Kamlung Banwe’ meaning the wise protector of the community. Material used is finely carved wood called ‘byalung’
or ‘makew’. It is decorated with horse tail on both sides and on the center.

Original Text

(From reference card of the Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129505) 

Name: KLUNG:- Man's wooden shield the front and back of which is finely carved. Center and sides are decorated with yellow horse hair.

Realistic figured of armed man and aligator, and dog on upper half of back. 

Notes: The shield is held in the left hand. Cord slips over shoulder when not in use. In no place is the decorative art of the tribe better displayed than in the shields carried by the men in battle. They are always carved and are frequently inlaid with shells, glass or beads. The shield is held in the left hand and is used to deflect the spears and arrows of an enemy.

Fieldwork number: 1678;

Other names: akloñ

Field Museum Catalogue Number: 129505

(Note: all instances of either B'laan, Bilaan or Bila-an in the Mapping Database have been changed to Blaan after specific requests from the Blaan of Sarangani Province June 2022. This would differ from the terminology in the original record, which is considered derogatory by the Blaan.)

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