Cotton fibre grows on the seed of a variety of plants of the genus Gossypium. Of the four cotton species cultivated for fibre, the most important are G. hirsutum, which originated in Mexico and produces 90% of the world's cotton, and G. barbadense, of Peruvian origin, which accounts for 5%. World average cotton yields are around 800 kg per hectare." Cotton, a natural fiber, whose use in fabric brings in higher prices than synthetic thread, should be the future of our indigenous textile weaving industry. It used to be the fiber of choice among our traditional weavers (together with abaca and piña) but with the scarcity of the material in the last decades, weavers have switched to synthetic threads.(Ongpin, 2014)

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Annotation: Cotton fibre terminology added as supplemental information
by: Noel Jordan Racca

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