Head jewelry (Kango)

Inventory number: SA 35753
A hornbill skull and beak used as part of the headdress called kango (name of hornbill bird) that is worn by men during the uya-uy marriage ceremony. The kango headdress is composed of the skull and beak of the hornbill and decorated with beads, (made of glass and sometimes seeds), feathers and a newly woven man's garb. The garb was worn around the head and the loose ends hang down reaching the waist. It was only worn by the Ifugao kadangyan propertied elite. This is no longer produced nowadays since marriage rites are primarily celebrated by Christian priests. Some families incorporate traditional marriage rites in contemporary Christian marriage ceremonies. Text: Prof. Leah E. Abayao, Cordillera Studies Center, UP Baguio. Collection: Roll; 2958

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