Blouse, 1800s (Baro-Camisa)

Baro-Camisa circa 1800s made of Piña fiber embellished with the " Sombrado" technique or (Shadow Applique). Baro - camisa, shirt, or dress ; the waist length blouse of the traje de mestiza. ( Gonzales, 24) Sombrado - method in which curvillinear pieces of fine fabric are applied to the same or similar fabric base, creating "shadow" designs. (Gonzales, p.25).

Source : Gonzales, G., Higgins, M. L., Castro, S. B., Villegas, R. N., & Bitagcol, J. A. (2015). Fashionable Filipinas: An evolution of the Philippine national dress in photographs, 1860-1960.

Indentifier 14.413, Fichu (Pañuelo)

Annotation: Baro-Camisa was added for additional information
by: Noel Jordan Racca

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