Knife with sheath (Hinalung)

Handle: 14cm, L. blade: 26cm; double-edged knife in a wooden sheath on one side. Handle and blade made from one piece of iron, both sharpened cutting edges curved uniformly so that the knife point lies in the axis of the blade. The handle is bent like a spout and decorated with a 4cm wide, braided rattan ring at the top and bottom. The scabbard consists of a flat, rectangular, dark brown colored wooden board, the upper narrow side of which is pointed like a roof; The front and back are fluted. There is a recess in the shape of the blade and the base of the handle in which the knife lies. It is held in place by a small wooden board (3.7cm wide, 7cm long) with a crescent-shaped notch in the middle above and below, which in turn is fixed by a braided rattan ring in the upper third of the divider board. On the back of the scabbard, a 6 cm wide, braided rattan loop is used to tie the knife horizontally to the wearer's waist.

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