Miniature portrait by Damian Domingo

Three-quarter standing portrait of a young man dressed in a blue jacket and white shirt and pants, which probably correspond to a Navy uniform. He wears a golden cord around his neck from which something hangs that is hidden under the jacket, possibly a watch or a medallion. With his right arm he leans on a table and with his left hand, on the curved arm of a chair. He holds a book with his right hand, of which he holds a few pages with his fingers. On the table there is an inkwell with two pens, two books and a sheet of paper on which the dedication can be read: To Mrs. Dª Gestrudis Sequera de Enriquez SHR It is signed on the right side edge and is framed with a wooden frame golden, protective glass and cardboard on the back.

Inscription: Written in the representation of the paper that appears on the table:
Pintado a mano  
A la Sra. Dª Gestrudis Sequera de Enriquez S.H. R.

In front on the right:
Damián Domingo lo pintó 1832

Additional Analysis:

This is one of the few surviving portraits of the Filipino miniaturist Damián Domingo (Manila, 1796-1834). The art historian Concha Díaz Pascual has identified the character portrayed as Rafael Enríquez Sequera, born in 1817 in Poitiers (France), fourth of the seven children that Francisco Enríquez y Girón, from Alicante, (1776-1845), colonel of the Infantry, and Intendant General of the Army and Finance in the Philippines between 1828 and 1836, and his wife Gertrudis Sequera Carvajal (Granada +1864). Rafael was an employee of the Treasury until his early death in 1849. (Source:, information written by Concha Díaz Pascual; 

HIDALGO OGAYAR, Juana. Catalog of the Miniatures preserved in the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid. 1994. 63; Alcalá de Henares (Madrid): University of Alcalá de Henares. Cataloging Rodriguez Marco, Isabel Maria

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