Baraja fan

Baraja fan. Vintage: Rods: 17 rods + 2 guards, made of dark wood, engraved and pierced with "piqué" work and windows with green silk taffeta painted in gouache and all of them joined at the top by a silk taffeta ribbon in its color. Finished in the shape of a nail.
Clavillo: riveted on a mother-of-pearl ferrule.

Face: three oval cartouches, surrounded by flowers, with a European-style water landscape and architecture. The cartouches flanked by windows with bouquets of flowers. Above the ribbon, on each rod, on the silk a flower framed by a golden pearly line.
Reverse: lacks decoration.

Guards: openwork and engraved with a plant motif with flower (no fabric).

According to Maryse Vollet this is a Filipino fan for export. The architecture is of European style. It is very similar to the fans with CE17485 and CE17484.

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