Bilos (Model of a Visayan sailing boat)

Sailboat, model, stored in box. 

Annotation (May 2024, by Cristina Juan) Indirectly labelled as Vilos in the Peabody Museum's accession records, this dug-out boat model features an unusual boat siding made of Amakan (or sawali in Tagalog).

Amakan which is split and flattened bamboo strips woven into matting. is used in the Philippines today as an inexpensive way to add walling to traditional local houses ( nipa huts). The amakan siding on the boat model is coated with resin from the almasiga tree (Agathis philippinensis) and alkitran, or black tar produced from coal, wood or peat to further seal any holes and gaps.

The model also features a small enclosure topped with palm fronds (nipa), and a sail that is operated with a pulley.

In June 2024, the Peabody Museum launched a digital exhibit showcasing the reactions and reflections of Filipinos who selected specific objects from the Peabody's  Philippine collection.. 

Read about a reflection on the BILOS here:

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